Songs of #MeToo

by Nora Willauer

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Grandpa came to visit us For two weeks I didn’t talk I was three, I shut down Mom told me the tale Something was stolen from me Something happened to me I feel like I’m chained I want to be free I see you notice me but I shut down It takes away What could’ve been I want to get out Of what I am You don’t Have a clue Something was stolen from me... A year ago to the day I said I was abused. I’m not afraid I’ll say it out loud
If I spoke up After 40 years Would it take away What you’ve done Would my life get any better If you spent yours in jail My father said Do you have your legs Do you have your arms Then you will be okay These words have kept me standing And I’m still here When I woke up There were two of them They held a knife at my throat They tied a necktie around my eyes Then they took turns My father said… I don’t have the answers but Something’s got to give I want to break the silence But we need something more My father said… My father said...
He stumbled into my bedroom He put his arms on either side At first I laughed, then tried to say Go away go away go away go away I want a lock on my bedroom door He held me down with his hands Should I call out, I don’t want a scene I want a lock on my bedroom door He held me down with his hands Always assumed it wouldn’t happen to me He had his hands on my shoulders And he’s really really strong I was pinned and thinking how When he’s drunk he gets so angry I want a lock on my bedroom door…. Then I took control And I made him leave But I couldn’t sleep And I still haven’t told him I want a lock on my bedroom door…. I fell off my scooter when I was 8 He made sure I was okay He was my brother’s best friend He noticed me I want a lock on my bedroom door….
Here’s Matt’s fourth grade picture From right before he died Matthew is my hero He died and saved us all Matt took the punch That was meant for me Can I call myself a mother When my son died in my place Matt’s dad said he would break my legs He’d rage and he would scream I knew that he might kill me And Matthew saw it all Matt took the punch… I was scared to be alone But still I chose to leave Matthew didn’t have that choice He died and set me free Matt took the punch… When I see a feather I think of my brave son He used to find them on the ground And now I do the same


released July 21, 2019

All songs are co-written by Nora Willauer and anonymous story sources. Using the documentary songwriting method, this album presents four women's stories as accurately and intentionally as possible. For more information, please visit

All cello and vocals by Nora Willauer.

All recording, mixing, mastering, and technical wizardry by Alex Wilder.

Album artwork by Clio Berta.

To the story sources who had the courage to be part of this project -- you are an inspiration to me every day. I hope that these songs help others understand a small part of what you live through, and I hope that this project has helped your healing process.

To everyone who helped make this project possible -- thank you.


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Nora Willauer Rockport, Maine

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